Friday, September 7, 2012

Feature and Follow

It's that time again!

Another Feature and Follow hosted by Parajunkee & Alison Can read.

is a great way to find other blogs and for other blogs to find you.
This is a "follow for a follow" type meme so make sure to comment on the
blogs that you've visited to let them know how you're following (GFC,
RSS, Linky, g+, Networked blogs, etc...) so they can do the same. Oh!
and you must also follow both hosts as well (requirement to play) Make
sure to pay attention to the post and read it all the way through as
each host has a featured blogger and a question for all who participate
to answer in the comments section of the blogs that you visit and
follow. Thanks for joining in and have fun making new friends!.

Leave a Comment and Follow me and I will Follow you back.
Q: What are you reading right now? How do you like it?

A:I am getting Ready to read Betrayal by M.L. Guida

Scythe must save his brother's soul before the next full moon, Heather is determined to prove her sister's innocence, but to do this, they must trust each other. Heather Bowen, a drug and alcohol counselor, has always been able to see auras, but now she's being haunted in her sleep by a red-eyed man who's peddling a psychotic drug to her clients.After her sister becomes his next victim, Heather is determined to prove her sister's innocence. Life as she knows it becomes more unpredictable when the new counselor, Scythe Angel, arrives. It doesn't take Heather more than a first meeting to determine this larger than life man is commanding, pushy, determined and downright sexy. However there's something about him she's not sure she can trust, no matter how she finds herself drawn to him. Scythe knows he can clear Heather's sister's name, but to do it he must confront his elusive and dangerous brother who seems to be bound to the dark side. With his own wings on the line, Scythe has to discover a way to save his brother's soul before it's too late. An arduous task for Scythe becomes even more complicated by his unearthly attraction to Heather. For both of them to succeed they will have to learn to trust each other or fail; losing everything they hold dear.


  1. Hi just hopping by the FF and became a follower

  2. New follower here... and I have to say, I love the cover of your current read!

    It looks quite... fun XD

  3. New Follower! Stop by mine too