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Review of Together by Starlight

Bennett Saville is sexy. At the peak of his career, the English star of stage and screen is everything a woman might desire, as fiancée Cassandra Wallace well knows. Together they’ve seen the world, from L.A. to Shangri La, yet shadows persist even in the spotlight. At home they face lust, greed and ghosts from their pasts—and that’s off stage. There is also “The Val”. The aged London theatre holds a mystery four centuries old, cast in starlight and waiting to be revealed. Intensely personal, impossibly passionate, the play must go on…and Cassie and Bennett must face it together.
This is a series which began with Cassandra by Starlight. Since this is a trilogy we will get the treat of one more book!

Susan is an amazing writer with a style that just makes the story flow effortlessly. I gauge the quality of the writing and story line by how deeply I am drawn into the book and how much I relate and care for the characters. I can say this is top shelf quality all the way. I was complete immersed in the story and so invested in the characters it was almost shocking.

Thank you Susan for a wonderful escape and literary vacation.

Susan Mac Nicol (Sue to most people) was born in Headingly, Leeds in the United Kingdom. When she was eight years old, her family emigrated to Johannesburg in South Africa, where she remained until her and her family¹s return, with husband and two children, to the UK in December 2000.

Sue¹s career as a professional business woman was mainly in the operational side of the Financial Services and Vehicle Leasing markets. Currently her responsibilities have evolved to being the Regulatory Compliance Officer at a financial services company in Cambridge.

Having written all her life, since her first short story was published in a local youth competition when she was just eleven, in between the day job and daily life, the inspiration for the Starlight series of romance novels was born. Her characters, Cassie and Bennett, finally made their debut on the flickering screen of a laptop. The character of Bennett was inspired by someone very special and perhaps one day, if you get the chance to ask her or meet her, over a cup of good coffee, Sue might just explain who this was. She will probably smile wryly and say, Œ"Hopefully without sounding like a teenage groupie."

Her first novel was submitted to various publishers and Boroughs Publishing Group liked what they saw. Sue was offered a contract for her novels and that, as they say in the classics, was that.

Sue is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Romantic Novelists Association here in the UK. She lives in a town house in the rural village of Bocking, in Essex, with her husband, two children and a mixed collie mongrel called Blu, so named because of his two different colour eyes ¬blue and brown. Sue is a voracious e book reader and a self confessed geek and Android phone fan. Her office is in her bag most days and without all her gadgets, she confesses she could barely function.

Susan Mac Nicol Online:
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Finding Trust by Natalie Gayle

Finding Trust – Book 1 Centre Games Series Brayden and Rihanna He’s hot, sexy, and leads a double life. Sometimes in the limelight, mostly in the shadows. Brayden James holds fast to a secret that’s more than his to share. She’s a singularly focused veterinarian out for a rare night of fun with friends, at a New Year’s Eve rock concert. Going home with the lead guitarist was furthest thing from Rihanna Mason’s mind when the night began. When Rihanna inadvertently becomes the target of a deadly terrorist plot using the Hendra virus as a biological weapon, Brayden is forced to reveal his other life. His job is to keep her safe and together they must stop the terrorists before it’s too late. But what happens when she becomes more to him than just the assignment? Will the secret he cannot disclose ultimately prove too much for Rihanna’s fragile trust in relationships? Or will he finally break through the double brick walls around her heart, where every other man has failed?
 Chapter One
When he moved slightly forward to the microphone and joined in the chorus with “Taaake me baaabyyyyyy , maaaake me yours tooonight,” her eyes moved up to meet his and he knew he had her attention. Bingo! She held his gaze momentarily before becoming self-conscious. Her eyes slipped from his and began to look out into the endless gyrating waves of revellers around her. So she was a little unnerved by the directness of his gaze.

Her eyes returned to his and again he held the connection. Minky, as he thought of her now, broke the connection again. So she wasn’t sure if he was looking at her. Well, he thought, let’s make sure you’re not confused any longer, Minky. The next time her eyes returned to his face, he raised his eyebrows and openly smiled at her. Yep, it’s you I’m interested in tonight, sweetheart.

The guy on Minky’s left reached for the sliding door on the side of the van when a voice came out of the shadows.

“Let her go and I’ll consider letting you live.”

Excitement rained through her. It was music to her ears but at the same time left no doubt as to the menace and cold hard intent of its owner. The owner of the voice stepped forward from the shadows and Rihanna immediately recognised him as “her man.” Relief tentatively began to rise in her heart.
Buy It HERE  Amazon

I recently discovered those school vocational assessments are really interesting and probably correct! Who would have thought, hey? You see, I clearly remember taking one of those in Year 11 (for my US friends, I think that equates to junior year in high school). Anyway, semantics. Well, the results came back indicating that I should pursue a career in writing and something else. What that something else was I can’t remember but the writing thing stuck in my mind. Sure, I’d always liked English and had already developed a ravenous appetite for romance novels by the age of sixteen—but who becomes a writer straight out of school? So to cut a long story short, I went to Uni and studied Business and ended up managing large-scale IT projects shortly after. I can’t complain: it’s been a great career. I’ve done some awesome projects and met some incredible people and I won’t be giving it up anytime soon. Anyway, I’ve messed around with a couple of “secret” novels over the years and I finally decided to get serious and finish one. Hence “Finding Trust” came about. And about twenty years later, I’ve finally proved a vocational assessment correct, because I love writing! As to some other stuff about me: I live on the Gold Coast, Australia. I love spending time with my family and friends. When I’m not sitting behind a screen playing with IT or writing, you might find me down the beach playing in the waves on a Jet Ski or a bogey board (both are uber cool). When the weather turns a bit cooler (doesn’t really happen on the Gold Coast), we like to head for the snow. I’ve discovered I have two kids who are kamikaze skiers—they must take after their father. He’s always at me to “release the handbrake.” Apparently I’d ski so much better. I call it a healthy understanding of self-preservation and gravity! I like to think I can fit in a few workouts and martial arts classes each week. This tends to be a figment of my imagination more than reality, unfortunately. I am trying to remedy this, but those damn characters just keep demanding to have their stories told and, well, there’s always another good book to read! I hope you enjoy mine. Please drop me a line. I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, and via email I’d love to know what you think of my books and well, let’s be truthful—I love talking about books, whether they’re mine or someone else’s. Fiction is just so much more fun than reality!!! Happy Reading Natalie Gayle

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Midnight Moon Review

The Trimarks are planning an invasion. And the only thing standing in their way is Allie and the moonstone . All Allie wants is a normal life - friends, boys, school dances. Right. Like that's going to happen.
In two weeks, during the summer solstice, Allie's going to face the biggest challenge of her life, fighting against time to save the world from a Trimark invasion. You'd think the world of weird might leave her alone to plan how she's going to survive. But nothing in Allie's world is simple or easy, especially when she's attacked by Trimarks trying to steal the moonstone. Then Sammie disappears into the faery world of Boundless, and Allie must follow and bring her home, only to find the fairy queen, Luminata, isn't about to let Allie leave. So, what's a girl with magical powers supposed to do?
Fortunately, she has a team to help her, a team with special talents of their own.

 I have come to the conclusion that fairy's are selfish and very self centered. Allie is trying to save that world but the queen fairy has her own agenda.

Allie has so much on her plate, she needs to figure out how she will save the world all by herself not that Sammie has gone full fairy and can't help, plus she is not sure what she actually needs to do on the Solstice and where she need to do it. A location would be nice but no one knows where it is to take place.

The trimarks are at it again and this time they go after Junior grrrrrrrr. Allie saves the day again and proves how strong and brave she is.

I won't give away who helps her in the end and how she does at the solstice but a guarantee you will want to read the book and find out.

A former teacher, coach and school counselor, Marilee lives in Washington State and writes full time. Her books include Castle Ladyslipper, a medieval romance, The Rock and Roll Queen of Bedlam, winner of the 2010 Booksellers Best award for romantic suspense, Moonstone, Moon Rise, Moon Spun, Shadow Moon, and Midnight Moon. Marilee is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.
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Seduced by Power Review

Forbidden passions.

Deadly secrets.

A love that will stand
against it all.

passions will destroy them. 
true love will save them.

Find out why critics
and fans are raving about the Seduced Saga. Heat, romance, mystery and
poetic writing make the Seduced Saga an original new adult paranormal romance
that you won't be able to put down!

In Seduced by Power, the final book in Rose's Trilogy, Rose and
Derek face the greatest threat to their love, and lives, as they are forced to
make painful choices to save those they love the most.

They give everything
they have to end the battle against Rose's mother and retrieve that which was
stolen from them. But will it be enough to save them?

Get caught up in the
Seduced Sage with
 Seduced by Innocence and Seduced by Pain.

Coming Soon:
Seduced by Love (A Surprise Seduced Book)
Seduced by the Sea (Ocean's Story)
Buy it here  Amazon
 MY REVIEW:  There is so much going on this this book it is hard to know where to start.  The first chapter throws you out of the shoot and the book just keeps on barreling toward the climax from there.

In this final book  Rose and Derek  are still struggling to make their relationship work within the confines of Roses ''issues" and the lose of the Rosebush.  As you read you will meet both new and old characters and appreciate Blake even more.

There is plenty of hot smexy in the book and the action is never ending. Some things you may not see coming :)

All the answers to your questions from the first 2 books  lie between the pages. Get all three books in the trilogy today and enjoy the ride.

Kimberly Kinrade was born with ink in her veins and magic in her heart. She writes fantasy and paranormal stories for all ages and still believes in magic worlds. Check out her YA paranormal series The Forbidden Trilogy, her lower grade fantasy series The Three Lost Kids, and watch for her New Adult romance and fantasy books coming in 2013 including The Seduced Saga, Sunrise and Nightfall, Death by Destiny and The Fallen Trilogy and her next YA fantasy adventure, The Reluctant Familiar. You can find her books on Amazon, B&N and Goodreads among other fine retailers. 

When she's not writing, she runs Daring Books Design & Marketing with her husband, Dmytry Karpov, where they help authors with all manner of marketing, editing, and design needs until such a time that their brilliant children take over the business for them.
She lives with her three little girls who think they're ninja princesses with super powers, her two cats who think they're gods (and probably are), her two dogs who think they're humans and her husband, also known as the sexy Russian Prince, who is the love of her life and writing partner.

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Mailbox Monday Blog Hop #1

I.O. Book Tours
A Monday MEME blog hop organized by T B R to share books that are in your mailbox and you can hardly wait to read.
1) Follow T B R and I will follow you back

2) Grab the button or make your own.

3) Add your blog to the list.

4) Tell everyone what is in your mailbox :)

My book is Games of Fate by Kris Austen Radcliffe. Being a host for I.O. Book Tours, I requested this book to review. You can too!!!
The Book Blub:
Contains Adult Sexual Content and some violent imagery.
Rysa Torres misses information. Loses concentration. Her attention problems randomize her life but she pushes forward anyway, doing the best she
can—until monsters activate a part of her she didn’t know she had. As visions of the future whip inside her head, Rysa realizes the truth:
She’s a Fate. And she will set fire to the world.
All her options explode. Her family ripped away, what little control she had destroyed, Rysa is left with one choice: Will she die to stop the coming flames,
or will she allow the man and the dragon she loves to die in her place?

Games of Fate begins Fate ~ Fire ~ Shifter ~ Dragon, a new Urban Fantasy series with Strong Romantic Elements by Kris Austen Radcliffe.
Set in the open spaces of America, the series takes Rysa and Ladon—and Ladon’s companion beast, Dragon—through a landscape punctuated
by unfamiliar creatures: Fates with the ability to see past, present, and future. Ghouls called Burners who devour with fire and acid.
Shifters who shape much more than their bodies. And two dragons who speak with color and pattern. It starts here, now, with one young woman’s
fight against a burning future—and against the death of the man she loves.

Also available: Prolusio: Three Stories of Fates, Fire, Shifters and Dragons.
PROLUSIO: Contains some violent imagery.
Three short stories set in the Fate ~ Fire ~ Shifter ~ Dragon universe, Prolusio sets the stage for Games of Fate, also available now.
In Texas, a struggling rock star attempts a comeback. Fire, though, has other ideas.
In Wisconsin, Shifters do what they do best—anger a dragon.
And in Minnesota, a mother struggles to free herself from the bonds of a fate she cannot escape.

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Shadow Moon by Marilee Brothers

     Allie Emerson is hoping for a few quiet months to catch her breath after a summer that included the discovery she is not only a twin and of faery blood, but also destined to play a pivotal role in the faery world. School has barely begun when Allie must kiss her hope of a normal year goodbye.
     She can’t escape her unfinished business with the fae, the Trimarks, or Junior Martinez who is making it clear he plans to win her back. Signs, portents and whispers are pushing Allie to “find the girl” before it’s too late. Hoping her twin can help her solve the riddle of their destiny, Allie uncovers old secrets and begins a cross-country journey that puts her in more danger than ever before. If she succeeds, she may just find the answers that can save everyone she loves.
     Jessie held out a hand to Sammie. “Come forward, child,” he ordered.
     Obediently, Sammie slid off the stool, still holding her guitar. As she approached Jessie, Sammie’s gaze skimmed over the crowd. Allie, are you out there?
     Huh? Startled by the clarity of her voice inside my head, I almost stood and waved my arms. Had I imagined hearing Sammie’s words? One way to find out.
     I’m here, Sammie. Last row. To your left.  I thought the words and willed them to reach her. When her gaze swung to the back row, she smiled. Glad you’re here. A shiver slithered from the base of my neck down to the bottom of my spine. Before I had a chance to analyze what just happened, Jessie started his rant. He pointed out the pentagram tattoo on Sammie’s neck. “Ladies and gentlemen, do you understand the significance of this tattoo?”
     I heard people mutter “Black magic,” and “Satanism.” The color rose in Sammie’s face. My cheeks warmed up in response. A tsunami of emotions flooded my mind. Embarrassment. Simmering rage. Frustration. Shame. I clenched my fists and pressed my lips together to keep from crying out. How could this be happening? How could I feel what Sammie was feeling? Hear her thoughts? How could she hear mine? Above all, what did it mean?


A former teacher, coach and school counselor, Marilee lives in Washington State and writes full time. Her books include Castle Ladyslipper, a medieval romance, The Rock and Roll Queen of Bedlam, winner of the 2010 Booksellers Best award for romantic suspense, Moonstone, Moon Rise, Moon Spun, Shadow Moon, and Midnight Moon. Marilee is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

·         Website
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·         Twitter  @marileeb
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My review: Seducing the Princess by Mary Hart Perry

Seducing the Princess by Mary Hart Perry

            Mary Hart Perry’s acclaimed series of romantic Victorian thrillers continues with Seducing the Princess, inspired by the life of Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter Beatrice. Painfully shy and lonely, convinced she is unattractive and unloved, the dutiful Princess Beatrice finally accepts that she will never marry and vows to devote herself to the queen in Victoria's waning years. In fact, her mother has secretly discouraged suitors for Beatrice’s hand. Just when Beatrice has all but given up on love and happiness, she meets Henry Battenberg, a dashing nobleman from the Continent who matches wits with the aging Victoria and risks his life and liberty to woo Bea.

            But Henry isn't the only man interested in being welcomed into Beatrice's bed. The timid princess has become the target of a cruel plot hatched by her nephew, the madman destined to become the last Emperor of Germany. Wilhelm II sends a ruthless agent, a charming Scot, to seduce the naive princess and spy on the queen. How can the sheltered princess hope to fend off a man capable of murder, and perhaps worse, to get what he wants? But Beatrice is not without her own allies--her older sister Louise and Louise's American soldier-of-fortune and lover, Stephen Byrne. Will Beatrice discover which of the two men pursuing her she can trust, before it's too late? Drama, romance and peril chase the royal family from Buckingham Palace to a storm besieged castle on the Isle of Wight.

Buy it HERE      Amazon        B&N

My Review:

I am finding that I really enjoy regency romance. Mary Hart Perry pulls you so deeply into this story that you feel like you are watching a Masterpiece Theater series or reading actual history.  I adore Bea and her struggles and eventual strength.  Henry is so determined and it is just so romantic. The lengths he goes to in order to win her hand from the queen is awe inspiring. Snuggle up in your favorite reading spot and enjoy this wonderful book.

I am not sure if the queen was supposed to be a bad guy in the book but dang she made me angry. She is just so selfish and degrading to Bea.  Excuse the language but I really wanted to bitch slap her. And As for Gregory, he is so evil and scary yikes!


           Kathryn Johnson lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband and two feline writing partners, Tempest and Miranda. The author of over 40 novels, she's written under her own name and a variety of pen names, including Mary Hart Perry, Kathryn Jensen, KM Kimball and Nicole Davidson. She also teaches fiction-writing workshops for the renowned Writer's Center in Bethesda, Maryland. And, in 2008, she founded Write by You (, to coach other writers interested in reaching publication. She has been nominated for the prestigious Agatha Christy Award, and won the Heart of Excellence and Bookseller's Best Awards (sponsored by the Romance Writers of America) in 2011.

            Her works in progress include a series of Victorian thrillers inspired by the lives of Queen Victoria's five daughters. The first novel, The Wild Princess, focuses on Princess Louise, who desperately wanted an education as a professional artist, at a time when women were not admitted into art schools. Her personal life becomes complicated when she uncovers a secret about her husband and must help protect her mother from an assassination attempt. The second book of the series,Seducing the Princess, launches April 2, 2013, and features Victoria’s youngest daughter Beatrice. Painfully shy and lonely, the dutiful Princess has promised never to marry and to devote herself to the queen in Victoria's waning years. Just when she has all but given up on love and happiness, she meets Henry Battenberg, a dashing nobleman from the Continent who risks his life and liberty to woo Bea and save both his beloved and the queen from a cruel plot. A third novel, to be published later in 2013, will star Crown Princess Vicky.



Twitter:   @Mary_Hart_Perry      and    @KathrynKJohnson
Goodreads:  as Mary Hart Perry  

March 31st to April 4th  With an all day
hoopla on April 2nd to celebrate the release of “
Seducing the Princess

Join Mary Hart Perry and Vickie Ann in celebrating the launch of Seducing the Princess. Mary Hart Perry will be doing random giveaways at this event, so keep an eye out for prizes and help spread the word!!!

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Another great read "Circle of Lies"

Circle of Lies

Aiden Wright is trying to figure
out who he really is, but the truth could cost him his true mate—or his life.

Life has always been easy for
Aiden Wright. He’s smart, athletic, funny, and the ladies adore him. But when
tragedy strikes, Aiden discovers the truth about who he really is, and his
whole world comes crashing down around him. Aiden thought that being a teenage
werewolf was going to be awesome, but it might just cost him the one girl who
could make him whole.

Since her mother’s disappearance, Teagan Rhodes’s life has been littered
with her father’s empty beer cans and his hollow promises to change. Convinced
that others would only let her down, she keeps everyone at arm’s length—but
resisting Aiden’s charm is proving to be more difficult than she thought. Throw
in a psychotic werewolf hunter out to terminate the species, and one wrong
move, one wrong decision could destroy everything.

Buy it HERE  Amazon  B & N  Smashwords

"Pack of Lies" which is book 1 of the Red Ridge Pack Series focused on Allison and  Cade.  "Circle of Lies" book 2 is about Aiden and his struggle to deal with who is father is, what is place in the pack will be and how the heck to get Teagan to even give him the time of day much less go out with him.  I fell in love with this series immediately after "Circle of lies and like all my other favorite authors Sara and Staci can not write fast enough.  Well done ladies, well done.  I recommend this to all Paranormal lovers of all ages.  5 stars all the way!

Both Sara Dailey and Staci Weber are avid readers,
English teachers, friends, wives and soccer moms. They have been teaching
together for the past ten years and writing together for six.
Born and raised in Houston, TX, Staci Weber is a
graduate of the University of North Texas. Staci is a junior high school
teacher with an addiction to reading romance novels. She considers herself
incredibly lucky to have a close family, some good friends, a fabulous husband
and two beautiful little girls.
Sara Dailey
co-authored the Red Ridge Pack Novels with her good friend and co-worker Staci
Weber. She has a degree in literature from U of H Clear Lake and is a graduate
of The Institute of Children’s Literature. Sara is a native Texan and lives
with her wonderful husband and son in League City, TX.

Monday, March 4, 2013

D N Simmons "The Guilty Innocent" Review and Giveaway

In this installment, Darian, the gorgeous, charismatic and charming master vampire of Chicago is framed for a crime he didn't commit, but why? His lover, Xavier, Natasha and a few others must travel halfway across the world to find out who and why before time runs out and all hell breaks loose!

Original, sexy and gritty, the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles will suck you in and take you for a ride you won't forget!

My Review
Wow…just Wow.  I really enjoyed this book.   Watching Natasha trying to decide how to proceed with Darian and Xavier was amusing and hot.  Natasha, Xavier and Warren are working together along with all of the other sups to prove Darian is innocent.  Action upon action.  And the comedy mixed in with the smoking hot sexual situations makes for a I can’t put it down book.
BUY NOW LINK:           Amazon   B&N    All Romance Ebook   


D. N. Simmons lives in Chicago IL., with a rambunctious German Shepherd
that's too big for his own good and mischievous kitten that she
affectionately calls "Itty-bitty". Her hobbies include rollerblading,
billiards, bowling, reading, watching television and going to the movies.
She has been nominated at Love Romances and More, winning honorable
mention for best paranormal book of 2006. She has won "Author of the
Month" at Warrior of Words. She was voted "New Voice of Today" at Romance
Reviews and "Rising Star" at Love Romance and More.

To learn more, and have the opportunity to speak with the author
personally, please visit the official website and forum at . D.N. is always interesting in meeting new and

wonderful people.


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Marilee Brother "Moon Spun" Review

Junior’s back from Mexico with his movie star entrourage. Beck is using his half demon charms to “heal” a new girl. Mom’s still wacky and now she’s dating Principal Hostetler!

High school is still an obstacle course of drama queens, bullies and nutjobs. The Trimarks are still a menace and the moonstone pendant has reveale even more mind boggling powers. In other words, Allie Emerson’s life as the Girl Voted Least Likely To Save The World From Evil has gone from Weird to Super Charged Super Weird, and it’s about to get even weirder.

“You’re a faery princess.” So says the mysterious and handsome Ryker, whose talents include turning himself into a hawk. Not to mention he and Allie are destined to marry. In faery land—Boundless. If they can save it from forces even more deadly than Trimarks and high school.

The third book in the Unbidden Magic series plunges readers into a rich other world of danger, humor, romance, fable, fairytale and magical destiny..

BUY NOW LINK:    Amazon         B & N 

A former teacher, coach and school counselor, Marilee lives in Washington State and writes full time. Her books include Castle Ladyslipper, a medieval romance, The Rock and Roll Queen of Bedlam, winner of the 2010 Booksellers Best award for romantic suspense, Moonstone, Moon Rise, Moon Spun, Shadow Moon, and Midnight Moon. Marilee is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Twitter  @marileeb

My Review
This is a little less enthralling than the first two books. While it was still good and I intend to continue the series I spent a little too much time in fairy land and was pulled a little too far out of the original story line.

I am SOOOOO glad Junior is back in the picture but this new Ryker is not my cup of tea. Which maybe intended to keep the reader cheering for junior to win Allies heart. I never expected the explanation for Junior's absence to be a soap opera LOL. I was a bit annoyed that he didn't contact Allie while he was gone though. He has some sucking up to do to get out of that hole. I am also not happy with Beck's college behavior, but then again he is half sex demon and can stay away from the girls.

Chad is adorable and loved his story line. Also the new twist of an unknown twin sister has got my attention.

I think the main thing we learn in this book is that Allie is more than human and she has a whole "other" half to her and a whole other worldly family.

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What Rough Beast Excerpt.

Book Blurb:
All it takes is a word, a whisper, a thought.

Phillip Todd is a normal army brat and baby boomer with one small exception: a super human power to control all sentient beings.  Phillip’s journey of discovery takes him from his upstart antics as a boy at Catholic school, to a precocious sexual relationship with a fellow army brat, to his manipulative and often cruel exploits in psychic domination of his peers. But Philip’s talent for gratification comes with a high cost as he falls deep into the alter-ego of Dr. Fear, wreaking havoc on everyone around him as he descends into a madness of his own making.

Book Synopsis:

Phillip Todd is a normal army brat and baby boomer with one small exception: a super human power to control all sentient beings.  Like Superman he takes years to uncover and develop his powers, beginning at the tender age of three by coercing his neurotic mother and later advancing to psychic pranks on the Order of the Perpetually Disgruntled Nuns at his Catholic grade school. In public middle school he rids himself of a bullying juvenile delinquent with cruel zeal.  His formative adolescent years as an army dependent in post war Germany merely increases his autocratic demands for sensual experimentation and psychic domination. He uses and abuses anyone near; particularly Jill, the precociously ripe daughter of his father’s commanding Colonel and Wanda, his mother’s friend and frustrated wife of a feckless Lieutenant.  When an overweening sexual dalliance with Jill is discovered by a vicious PFC Phillip tortures and nearly kills the man. When his father’s tour in Germany is winding down Phillip, both frightened and enthralled with his power, conceives an alter ego as a means of self analysis and revelation, Dr. Fear, a fictional confidant whom he plans on turning into a future comic book icon.  However, Phillip is suddenly tormented by waking nightmares and psychotic hallucinations and he takes extreme measures to rid himself of these by eliminating Wanda’s husband and lastly Jill and her family.  However, on the return trip to the States hopeful that he has ended the psychotic breaks, he is confronted by another terrifying hallucination.

Buy it Here       Amazon


After five more minutes without the sight of advancing Huns, rebellion was in the air.

Donald was especially restless.

He wanted action, a chance to knock a few heads. Plus he needed to get home in time to spit shine his father’s shoes. This was dad’s night for the NCO club and if his shoes weren’t twin mirrors, Donald would get a particularly vicious ass whipping when dad returned drunk from his revels.

 “They ain’t nothing but a bunch of cowards, stinking nazi yellow belly ….”

As though this was their cue boys on the far side of the hill started emerging from the forest and gathered at the base of our alpine stronghold, laughing and calling out to us with raucous derision. I look at the gathered boys with the interest of a scientist studying protozoa under a microscope. There are exactly 18 boys, appearing to be between thirteen and sixteen by their size. Twelve wear corduroys and what appear to be work shoes. They have long sleeved, khaki colored shirts, and all wear flat billed caps. The other six have jeans and colorful cotton pullover shirts. I realize they must be the sons of women who worked as maids on the base. They are often given hand-me-downs for their children, and jeans are highly valued among the German youth. They appear to be debating among themselves as to how to handle their attack.

Donald stands up and taunts them, calling them Nazi cowards. The word Nazi seems to electrify them, and they yell back some imprecations in German. I know the attack will begin any second so I have to begin my trial experiment. I need to know which ones don’t speak English, so I suggest that the boys who speak English should call up to us, one at a time, and introduce themselves in English.

 “Hello, Americans. My name is Karl.” This is from a short, stocky boy one of the lucky ones wearing jeans,. The other German lads stare at him with such startled incredulity I can see their expressions even from our distance. I can hear cries of ‘Scheisse’ and ‘Was ist los?’

“Hey, I am Henrick.” A tall, lanky boy wearing worn corduroy pants steps forward.

He receives the same astonished response from the others. No others speak. Good, only two speak any English. The rest of the boys in my group are nonplussed by this introduction. Then, to our utter astonishment, several girls walk out of the surrounding woods and stand in a group behind the boys. They are evidently girlfriends to their young Lohengrins. There are seven or eight of them, dressed almost uniformly in dowdy skirts, blouses and dark stockings, and most seem malnourished to the point of being wizened. However, two of the girls are healthy, attractive representatives of the Teutonic ideal and could have been pictured in Nazi propaganda posters extolling German youth. Even Donald lets out an appreciative whistle before his natural belligerence takes over.

“Hey Krauts, we don’t care none if you brought your hooers – whores, I assume - with you. You ain’t nothing but a bunch of yellow Nazi cowards and we’ll cut your balls off.” Donald’s repertoire of invective seems limitless. Well, this causes a number of gasps among our patriotic forces and though most of the young master race can not understand what Donald says, they all understood ‘Nazi’.

The two who speak English interpret vehemently to their compatriots, and a general outcry ensues with waving fists and shouts of ‘scheisskopfen’ predominating. The stalwarts also start picking up rocks, and I fear a bloody melee might proceed. Donald is jumping up and down screaming ‘Nazis’ over and over, adding more gasoline to the already blazing fire. It is past time for me to intervene. With a tremulous urgency I suggest the entire group of German youth advancing below our redoubt stop, drop all aggressive implements, form a circle, and perform a local folk dance with the girls joining in.

I hold my breath to see if they will follow my command.

If they all do then it will prove that language is no barrier to me and, more importantly, I will survive to my sixteenth birthday. For a few seconds the Germans mill about, then, with admirable Teutonic efficiency, they all form a circle and begin doing some kind of hopping, foot slapping dance that we watch with utter astonishment. They dance for perhaps two minutes then one by one stop and just stand still in befuddlement. I have our boys give them a round of applause, led by Donald. The German boys then bow at my behest, the girls blow us kisses, and they all leave the area. We all stand and watch the retreating figures, saying nothing until Billy breaks the silence.

“Well, I guess we won. I suppose their parents told them they couldn’t fight.” Billy’s voice was halting and unsure. He seemed to be trying to convince himself that what happened had some logical cause.

Author Bio:

Robert Fredericks grew up an army brat, and as an adult has worked over the years as a special education teacher, family therapist, and is currently a correctional educator at a maximum security prison.  He lives with his wife and daughter, both brilliant and an inspiration to him, and two dogs and four cats that provide clues to the absurdity of the universe.