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Welcome to my review of Choices by Kate Vale
Melanie Holmes has her hands full when 15-year-old Keith and 13-year-old Anne, react badly to Melanie’s impending divorce from their father. Only four-year-old Jeffrey is his usual sunny self.
Further complicating her life is her attraction to Sam Hudson, the detective called to her home when Ken runs off, and Anne is abducted from a strip club.

Sam is forced to confront his own demons as he contemplates becoming deeply involved with Melanie’s family after she is seriously injured in the same car accident that kills her ex-husband. After she returns home, Melanie’s kids tell her they want to marry Sam, even though he hasn’t uttered the “M” word.

How will Sam react when her kids do the proposing for him? Can the long-time bachelor commit himself to her and her children?

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My Review 

Melanie Holmes is a wonderful mother dealing with a cheating scum bag of a husband, two teenagers, and a four year old. On top of that she is trying to start working again.

Sam Hudson is a cop responding to a simple fender bender. He gets distracted by the beautiful women driving one of the cars. Not knowing what to do with his life after his breakup he now has to  respond to his sudden feelings for the beautiful women.

Before they know it, Sam and Melanie are caught up in a mix of difficulties neither of them signed up for and dealing with break-ins, custody battles, and that scum bag....they have a lot of obstacles to overcome to make there love shine.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and give it 4 stars!

Kate Vale
Kate Vale lives in the beautiful fourth corner of northwestern Washington state. She enjoys the slower pace of a small city located between Vancouver BC, and Seattle WA. Her stories reflect the many different careers she has experienced and the crises that confront real men and women. Helping her characters get to a happily-ever-after is a continuing goal.

Awards received:
2014 Great Beginnings* 1st prize for DREAM CHASER (the first novel I published) – in cozy mysteries for Romantic Fiction

2014 Great Beginnings* 1st prize for HER DAUGHTER’S FATHER (this comes out on Feb 10, 2014!) – in Romantic Suspense category

Previously, PACKAGE DEAL won 1st prize in Romantic Suspense Category for books published in 2012

In addition to the 2013 1st prize for Contemporary Romance for CHOICES

*All four of these awards were given by Chanticleer Books and Media. The Great Beginnings contest was for the first up to 1500 words only. According to the people running the contest, their intent was to identify titles whose beginnings “captured” the reader, urging them to want to read more.  The other two contests required submission of the entire novel.

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