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Personal Possessions by Tracy Lee

Trevor McHale has tried to move on from the night that everything he cared about was ripped away from him. Having been in love with Elleny Barker since second grade, TJ comes home from college to find her married to another man…his best friend, Bear Jackson. Moving on has been nothing but a struggle for TJ. Through years and distance from his home town of Richland Georgia, Trevor ends up finding wealth, friendship and lust. But nightmares and visions plague him of a love that he knows deep down is meant to be. Finally giving in, Trevor realizes that the only way to make his life whole again is to recover what was once his and begin life anew. That turns out to be easier said than done. 
Elleny Barker-Jackson is not the same girl she was seventeen years ago. Having endured years of abuse from her husband’s hand, Elle has hardened her heart to everyone and everything. Believing that true love means nothing other than a young girl’s fantasy, Elle lives in her memories that she made with the one who will always hold her heart; Trevor McHale. Secrets and lies have been what Elle has built her life on and she is convinced that this life is her punishment for the decision that she made seventeen years ago… 
That was until Trevor McHale returned to town. Purchasing the local factory, Elle finds herself working right alongside of Trevor for eight days straight. Not only does Trevor have to convince Elle that their love is alive and strong, he has to repair the damage that has been done to her; inside and out. 
Want to know what was going through TJ's mind on everything Elle? 
Questions will be answered...Truths will be known and love will be found. TJ is on a mission to get back his Personal Possessions. 
(Contains: Adult language, sexual MF participation, some violence and explicit scenes of arousal) 

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Chapter 1 I heard his words but they weren’t sinking in, I wouldn’t allow them to. “Don’t talk to my wife!” Bear yelled as he began stomping towards me. “This is a fucking joke, right?” My head went back and forth between Elle and Bear. “What the fuck did I miss, because I’ve only been gone… what, two weeks?” Everything was falling apart right in front of my eyes. Not only that, but my whole world just crashed around me not even two hours ago. “Go home, Trevor.” She said quietly. My head was pulsating. I could hear my heartbeat louder than I could hear her talking. I had to squint to hear her tell me to leave. “Fuck that! You married him?” I kept thinking this was a huge goddamn practical joke. That at any moment Rach, Lilly and Curt would pop up from behind the bushes and scream “Ha, Ha!!” I looked back at Max and Mona; they were just standing there, not saying a word, they had said enough in the house when they showed me what had been sent to them. I looked at the two of them; “you knew about this, didn’t’cha.” I laughed an evil laugh. I was going to spontaneously combust I was so pissed. “You let me sit inside your home, and you knew she was coming home a married lady? I told you over and over again that those pictures aren’t what they look like and you couldn’t at least give me a head’s up?” Their eyes never left their feet. I looked back over at her; she could see the pain in my eyes; a sorrow that I would experience only one other time in my life. Screaming, Bear demanded. “You heard her TJ, go home!!” I noticed she had to pass me if she wanted to get to the house, so she started moving slowly towards me as Bear began to approach me from behind her. I wasn’t fighting him, he’d already won, he took the prize and there was nothing left for me to fight for. I could see the tearstained lines running down her face, she wouldn’t look at me long, but it was long enough for me to see that she didn’t want any of this. She went to pass me and I ran my hand up her arm as I said her name. “Don’t you fucking touch her, cocksucker!” I went to turn towards Bear’s voice but it was too late, he was already on top of me knocking me to the ground. I remember the pain from the first couple of punches but after that I went numb. I could taste the blood that filled my mouth instantaneously but I didn’t even raise my hands, this was all him. I could hear her screaming for them to let her go as Max and Mona attempted to drag her off, Bear never let up. “That fucking ride was mine, you piece of shit! Do you think a brother takes what belongs to another brother? You ain’t no brother of mine! He kept hitting as he was talking. I made sure I heard every word he had to say to me. “Four fucking years at UGA, that scholarship had my name on it, I worked for that. All you did was ride my coat tails. I was supposed to get out of this fucking town and be something. You might’ve been big in high school but you ain’t shit now... are ya? Gettin’ your ass whooped like the pussy you are! I heard my nose crack from where Skeeter Davis had broken it the first time in seventh grade. I just closed my eyes and listened above the noise of cracking bones. “You think ‘cause you got money, you’re owed something, well I’m about to prove to you and to her that ya’ll ain’t shit!” I was just about to close my eyes and pass out when I saw a blur of pink rush into Bear and knock him off of me. Someone screamed her name, who… I had no idea, I needed to sleep. 1998 “Trevor… Trevor!” I felt something land on my face. I opened my eyes but they were covered with something white and… lacey. “What the hell?” “Wake the fuck up, bro! It’s graduation day!” I heard the rich Boston accent as I slowly pulled the panties off my face and threw them back on the floor. “Holy shit, can your head just break off… like glass? I should’ve never done those shots last night.” I whispered to Greg. “Yeah, and was that Mindy or Megan that snuck out dis mornin while I was sittin' on the shit’ah. Thanks for the head’s up buddy; next time I go to take a shit, I’d like ta make sure I shut the door so I don’t have a female walk in on me.” “Who knows, who really gives a shit what’re name is.” I replied as I turned back over, exposing my naked ass from out of the sheets. “Nice Trev… real nice” Greg laughed as he threw whatever-her-name-was’ panties back on top of me. “I’m makin’ coffee, get up and get fuckin ready! I’ve waited years for this; I’m enjoying it since next week we have ta be grownups and attend meetings that I lined up with those investors.” It was spring, but still cold as hell here in Massachusetts. I was graduating with honors from the postgraduate program at Harvard. I had finally accomplished what my piece of shit father only wished he had; an MBA from a prestigious university. I heard the banging on the door which echoed throughout my head as I looked at my clock. “Jesus, Greg… it’s only 8:30!” I yelled as I gripped the pillow over my eyes. “Graduation isn’t until 4.” I didn’t hear a response from Greg but I did hear stomping on the wood floor as though a herd of elephants were passing through our apartment. “Oh, there they are.” I heard as the stomping stopped, but that wasn’t Greg’s voice, it was female’s. I threw the pillow off my face. There stood a petite blonde. She couldn’t have been more than five-six without the heels on. She might have weighed ninety pounds soaking wet, her blue eyes were staring lasers into me. She was perfect and what made her perfect was she was the total opposite of “HER.” “Oh, Megan… you forget something?” I asked in what I thought was a decent and caring voice. I heard her huff and ask for strength from a higher power as she contorted her body into what she thought was a power stance, I thought it looked fucking painful. “First off, it’s Mindy!” she screeched or at least that’s what it sounded like to me. Maybe it was the hangover. She bent down and picked her panties off my face. “It’s not Megan and it sure as shit aint Elle!” I sat up quicker than I thought possible for even a sober person lil ’lone a still half-drunk asshole like myself. “What did you just say?” I mumbled in a low, deep I’m-not-fucking-with-you-tone. Her eyes came up to mine but she didn’t say a word. I put my feet on the floor and sat up as straight as I could. “I asked you what you said to me and where did you hear that name from?” She turned around and looked out of the bedroom, probably to either see if she could make it to the front door or if Greg was there, just in case she needed assistance. She whispered “Ah… you called me it last night… when you had me…” she looked back again. This time to see if Greg was listening in. She leaned in and quietly she said “…up against the wall… outside the bar?” I know the look on my face had to make her feel like shit, I didn’t even remember her leaving this morning. “You mean to tell me you don’t remember… any of last night?” Her hand now came up on her hip that was turned in a way that made me feel pain in my own body. I just raised my eyebrows and looked at her shoes to see if the heel was spiky so I’d know what to expect when she rapped me across the face with it. I grabbed my boxers off the floor and slipped them on while making my way to the bathroom. “Look… Mindy…” I had to think of her name again. “…I’m sorry I called you… that name, and I’m sorry about last night. I’m sure it was good, but I’ve got shit to do today and right now… I’ve got to go.” I stepped into the bathroom and locked the door. “Fine… be a dick! Don’t bother callin' me next time you need another freckle examined!“ She screamed through the door. I busted out laughing. “Holy shit, is that the line I used on you?” I could hear Greg laughing his ass off in the kitchen, while banging pots and pans together so that it sounded like he wasn’t paying attention. “And you fell for that shit, Megan?” I knew when I said it I fucked up. I heard and saw her kick the door and twist the knob at the same time. If I didn’t lock it, she would’ve come in and gone stalker all over my ass. “IT’S MINDY!!” She screamed and stormed out of the apartment. “Dayum Cuz, that was harsh.” Greg laughed from the kitchen. I opened the door stark naked; “That right there is why I don’t do relationships!”

“I am a lover of chocolate, an outspoken dreamer who cannot survive without chaos! Those who truly know me can attest that I am obsessed with chocolate peanut butter anything. I write about hot, alpha men and the women who love them and the only way that I can get anything accomplished is in a crisis.
I am no good in math; as a matter of fact, I suck in math. My true love is the English language. My children are my world that not even a hot man could come between. I am originally from outside Tampa, Florida but currently reside outside Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am digging the farm animals that live behind my house.”
Tracy lives with her husband and 4 children in a small town just outside Tulsa, Ok. Originally from Brandon, Florida she was a city girl at heart. Growing tired of living in the concrete jungle she wanted a change of scenery and pace; she packed her kids up and moved to Oklahoma where she met her husband.  Now she’s seen snow, touched pigs and has cows and chickens in her back yard.
Being a stay at home mom she became an avid reader and part-time blogger, she decided to put the three of them together and try her hand at writing and fell in love. In between running kids from band practice to PTO meetings, she enjoys her “me time” working on her next book.  She thoroughly enjoys head-banging heavy metal and a kickass game of Black Ops and will be your slave if you offer her chocolate.
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